Saturday, May 1, 2010

RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide (Exam RH302) Ebook Download

Publisher McGraw-Hill/Osborne
Author(s) Michael Jang
ISBN 0072264543
Release Date 21 June 2007

The Best Fully Integrated Study System Available

With hundreds of practice questions and hands-on exercises, RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide, Fifth Edition covers what you need to know--and shows you how to prepare--for this challenging exam.
100% complete coverage of all objectives for exam RH302Exam Readiness Checklist at the front of the book--you're ready for the exam when all objectives on the list are checked offInside the Exam sections in every chapter highlight key exam topics coveredReal-world exercises modeled after hands-on exam scenarios Two complete lab-based exams simulate the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real examBonus content (available for download) includes installation screen review, basic instructions for using VMware and Xen as testbeds, and paper and pencil versions of the lab exams

Covers all RH302 exam topics, including:
Hardware installation and configuration The boot processLinux filesystem administration package management and KickstartUser and group administrationSystem administration toolsKernel services and configurationApache and SquidNetwork file sharing services (NFS, FTP, and Samba)Domain Name System (DNS)E-mail (servers and clients)Extended Internet Services Daemon (xinetd), the Secure package, and DHCPThe X Window SystemFirewalls, SELinux, and troubleshooting.

User review
Best practices and growing your career!

I think everyone should be required to take & pass the RHCE 'if' you would in a
Enterprise environment or in a smaller company. Understanding the fundamentals of
an Operating System to the complexity of services that can survive the public
Internet or Internal network is key to success.

I learned a lot from digging in and I know when I set up servers for work they
are correct and done by the book, not by some search off the Internet or by some
forum where people do things by the seat of the pants,,.

This to me was an awesome achievement and milestone, I knew after going through
all of the self-sacrifice it allowed me to except new challenges.

User review
RHCE book
Book was delivered on time and in new condition. Excellent deal. Could not get this book in person at the local bookstores in my town.

User review
for the novice or the seasoned,,.
I recently purchased the RHCE Exam Guide by Michael Jang, and I give the book all five stars because it is exactly what I expected it to be: an excellent, thorough, and practical approach to Linux administration. I was first introduced to Michael through his Fedora Core 5 book, which was also an excellent reference. Indeed, I often refer to the Fedora 5 book for straight answers for many questions that I have about later releases of the Linux OS.

I bought the book because I intend to take and pass the RHCE exam. The book was recommended by others who used it as their sole reference and preparation source for the exam. The book is well outlined and incremental in its approach to the entire operating system, and gives step-by-step configurations for all the necessary elements of exam preparation.

Two personal notes: first, I do not think the book will be my only reference during exam preparation. While the book gives excellent outlines of configurations and settings, it does not explain the low-level & to many of the services and utilities of Linux. If this were so, the book would easily be twice its size. The reader is left to fill in his/her own knowledge gaps in order to become intimate with the deeper workings of The Greatest OS on Earth. Second, I sensed from Michael's writing style early in the Fedora 5 book that he was sitting next to me, mentoring me through the learning process. It could well be his teaching style, or my learning style, or simple personal resonation alone that drives me to carry the book with me everywhere: from night stand to office and back.

All in all, the book is a no-nonsense, direct, pragmatic approach to a very, very complex subject. Caveat Emptor: the introduction states clearly that the RHCE exam has a 50% pass rate for first time test takers. Then again, the RHCE IS the most sought-after certification in the industry. All the more reason to focus on success with this book. I'm glad to own the Third & Fifth editions.

User review
Smooth transaction with the seller. Would purchase from seller again. Book in great condition.

User review
Read this, Do the Labs in it, Pass the first time.
My Background: I have about 8 or 9 years or Linux admin experience, My full time job is as a Linux Administrator.


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